golden retrieverDr. Williams and staff understand just how stressful and inconvenient a visit to the vet can be for both you and your pet, which is why we are here to offer our skilled veterinary services.

Home veterinary care is good for so many reasons:

  • Your pets don’t have stressful car rides to and from the vet
  • No waiting rooms for anxious or spunky pets
  • House calls are more convenient for clients
  • House calls are great for people who are reliant on other people for transportation
  • Multiple pet discounts
  • In home euthanasia provides a non-clinical setting for your pet’s passing
  • Most of all your pets are more at ease in their home setting, which helps with the diagnosis.

    We provide well checks and vaccinations, as well as diagnostics and treatment of ill animals, education on home hospice care, and in home euthanasia. We also perform dental prophylaxis, surgeries, and X-ray procedures at Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center (BRVC) in San Ramon. Hospitalization of ill animals, when necessary, is also available at BRVC.

    Monday-Friday 8:00am – 6:30 pm
    Weekend appointments are available

    Tracey Williams, DVM
    P.O. Box 2652
    San Ramon, Ca 94538
    Phone: 925-735-7387