hospice (3)Euthanasia: Making the Decision
Often times as pet owners we are faced with the decision to euthanize our dear pets, so that we may alleviate their suffering when the end is near. In-home euthanasia helps your beloved dog or cat make a peaceful end-of-life transition in the comfort of your home. So many of our companions find it so stressful to go to a veterinary hospital, so if it’s their time to pass, why not let them spend their final moments at home, where they want to be.

Euthanasia: The Procedure
Dr. Williams and her assistant Jeana will come to your home, and do their best to make this difficult time more peaceful for you and your pet. The procedure involves two injections: first a sedative to calm your pet and make him or her unafraid. After your pet is relaxed, Dr. Williams will shave a small area over a vein and then give the second injection, the euthanasia, intravenously. This is the preferred, most humane, and only widely used method of euthanasia, and is very fast-acting and completely painless.

You may take care of your pet’s remains if you so wish, but otherwise Dr. Williams can take your pet remains for cremation. You can choose a group cremation, where you do not receive any remains, or a private cremation if you wish to have the ashes returned. All cremations are done at Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center in San Ramon. Fees for services can be obtained by calling Dr., Williams at 925.735.7387